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The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed

Bredmeyer Cover Store

Susan Scutti

Dawn Theocratis has been stuck for years. Her career is paused, her heart is stone and her dreams no longer breathe.  Enter Bredmeyer Deed, co-worker.

When Dawn and Bredmeyer are assigned to fix the portal of the Director of Investigative Research, they witness an unprecedented system failure; apparently, each and every communication is revised, edited, changed before it reaches their computer screens. Are they living in a world of synthetic news? Are they in danger for discovering the truth?

Newly awakened, Dawn begins to question the world around her. Yet only when she explores the universe within her does she find the answers she seeks. Where will her hard-won knowledge lead her?

PDF PRICE: This title is available exclusively on in the Kindle Direct Progam for the next 90 days. You can share this book with your friends and it will be listed for free for five days during this time frame. Watch for details from Susan's blog and from our twitter feed @ravenrockpublishing!

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Need for Heat

Need For Heat Book Cover

A Complete Guide to Far Infrared Saunas

Kathie M Black PhD

Science and Health - Nonfiction

Your search for improving your health is saying something to you today. The Need for Heat is the only researched and current guide to far-infrared saunas ever written. Take the journey with Dr. Black through the history of saunas, understandable description of the science behind far-infrared technology, exploration into various health benefits you’ll experience with consistent use of an infrared sauna, what to look for when purchasing, and how to properly use your infrared sauna. Infrared sauna use offers you a healthier, more peaceful method of healing your body. Some of the benefits you will experience with consistent infrared sauna use are: softer and clearer skin; reduced muscle and joint soreness; faster healing of cuts, bruises, and acne; increased weight loss; deeper more relaxing sleep; reduced stress and more.

PDF PRICE: $9.99

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Heat to heal book cover

Snowboarding Mama

Snow board mama

Beginning Instruction for the Adult Woman

Kathie M Black PhD

Lifelong Learning Memoir – Non-Fiction

Are you an adult woman thinking of taking up snowboarding? Well, think no more – get out and try this wonderful sport! In Snowboarding Mama, Dr. Black introduces you to the sport of snowboarding through her unique adventures of learning to snowboard after many years of teaching alpine skiing. A certified ski instructor and professional educator, Dr. Black gives you not only easily readable and understandable instructions for snowboarding, but she sprinkles in humor and real life experiences of adult women learning to snowboard.

PDF PRICE: $9.99

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Snow Boarding Mama Books

Mess with Stuff

mess with the stuff cover

Science Units for Grades K-7

Kathie M Black PhD

Teacher Resource – Science Based

Mess with Stuff provides teachers, parents, or trainers with innovative science units for grades K-7. Developed through a series of elementary education science methods courses, Dr. Black has compiled this comprehensive guide of fully developed unit plans for life, physical, and earth science. Units included in Mess with Stuff are easily adapted to any science curriculum and allow freedom of discovery for students based on learning style techniques. Some unit topics included are: Life Cycles; Structures of Plants; Sea Life; Sound; Insects; Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Magnets; Rocks an Soil; and, many more.

PDF PRICE: $29.95

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Hard Copy TBA

Snow Boarding Mama Books