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Welcome to Ravenrock Publishing

Ravenrock Publishing Inc. is an independent acquisition-only publishing company specializing in fiction with a scientific twist, non-fiction, and educational resources.  Ravenrock focuses on eBook publishing for our emerging electronic reader market with full print runs to follow as print on demand titles available through

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Dawn Theocratis has been stuck for years. Her career is paused, her heart is stone and her dreams no longer breathe.  Enter Bredmeyer Deed, co-worker.

When Dawn and Bredmeyer are assigned to fix the portal of the Director of Investigative Research, they witness an unprecedented system failure; apparently, each and every communication is revised, edited, changed before it reaches their computer screens. Are they living in a world of synthetic news? Are they in danger for discovering the truth?

Newly awakened, Dawn begins to question the world around her. Yet only when she explores the universe within her does she find the answers she seeks. Where will her hard-won knowledge lead her?


Susan Scutti

Susan Scutti’s poems and stories have been published in New York Quarterly, The Christian Science Monitor, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, The Unbearables, Aloud: Voices from Nuyorican Poets Cafe, parva sed apta, Philadelphia Poets, (Short) Fiction Collective, Tamarind, Haz-Mat Review, Salonika, Paterson Literary Review and many other journals, zines and blogs. Linear Arts Press published her collection of short stories, The Renaissance Began with a Muted Shade of Green. More recently, Three Rooms Press published her chapbook, We Are Related, while Paper Kite Press produced a full-length collection of her poems, The Commute. She graduated from Yale, where she studied English Literature, and earned her Masters in American Studies from City University of New York; her thesis explored the internment of Germans and Italians in the United States during World War II. She lives in New York City and likes to walk along the Hudson River, looking across to New Jersey where she was born and raised. For a year some time ago, she lived in Anchorage, Alaska where she discovered the gravity of mountains and the mute playfulness of the Northern lights.

Sarah Valeri is a painter living and working in Brooklyn. She has been exhibiting artwork throughout New York City and in Barcelona. Her current endeavors include an ongoing series of narrative drawings and poetry entitled The Adoration of Fox, creating spontaneous drawings in response to live music with the band Colorform, and an ongoing sculpture project, Army of Small One.


Ravenrock’s books are formatted in PDF and ePub formats available for reading on:

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